Academic Advising

Academic advising is an essential element of NCTC’s commitment to ensuring that students take the proper courses, in the proper sequence, and to meet their educational objectives. NCTC counselors and advisors provide academic advising services for students.

All students should request a degree audit form from the Admissions Office or go to Campus Connect and run a degree plan to take to their advisors for pre-enrollment advising. (Note that transcripts from all previously attended colleges/universities must be submitted to the Admissions Office for a complete degree audit to be done.) Degree audit requests should be submitted well in advance of an appointment with an advisor to allow time for processing. Degree audits are extremely important because they show both students and advisors exactly what courses still need to be taken for students to achieve their educational goals. Students who qualify for on-line registration are not required to see an advisor, but it is recommended for students who have questions or need information about important issues regarding transferring, majors, etc. Students who wish to get a better idea of what major to choose should go to the Advising Center to speak with an advisor or call (940) 668-4216.

Advising personnel assist students who have taken the THEA and who have not yet passed all sections.

Academic Fresh Start: Students applying to the institution or to a specific program (e.g., LVN, ADN, Paramedicine, etc.) may choose to invoke Academic Fresh Start. Academic Fresh Start permits course work that is at least 10 years old to be ignored for application purposes and determination of grade point average (GPA). The student must complete the Request for Academic Fresh Start form available in the Registrar’s Office at the time of admission. Although grades on a student’s NCTC transcript are not altered, the cumulative hours earned and cumulative GPA are set to 0 and an explanatory note is added. Academic Fresh Start applies to all course work in a given semester, regardless of the grades earned, and semesters chosen must be consecutive.

Auditing a Course : When space is available in a specific course and registration for credit students prior to a given semester has ended, persons who are 55 years or older wishing to audit a course may do so by contacting the instructor of the course within the course specific department. After the course begins, student’s audit status may not change. When auditing, students take a course without receiving official credit for the course from North Central Texas College. All documentation/requirements are arranged between the audit student and the instructor of the course.