Catalog 2011-2012


On-Line Registration

Qualified students may register for all their NCTC courses via the On-Line Registration System. This system can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet. Students can do more than just register! The system also allows you to perform these tasks online:

Who is eligible to register On-Line?

Students qualified to register on-line include those who:

Who Is NOT eligible to register On-Line?

Students will not be considered eligible to register on-line if they:

Who MUST see an advisor prior to registering On-Line?

NCTC feels that ALL students benefit from Academic Advising; however, you have the opportunity to “self-advise” if you meet the eligibility criteria under “Who is eligible to register on-line?” above. Otherwise:

Students MUST see an advisor before they are allowed to register on-line if they are: