Catalog 2011-2012


Clubs and Organizations

Student clubs and organizations are sanctioned by the College administration according to the belief that each renders a particular service to the College and to the student body. No effort is made to dictate inflexible rules or procedures or to manipulate decisions regarding activities or projects, but the College expects all student organizations to conduct their affairs in a manner appropriate to proper codes of conduct and in accordance with institutional policies and regulations.

All student group-sponsored activities on the College campus are to be sponsored by one of the recognized clubs or organizations and its advisors. Club promotional and money-making ventures involving the public must be cleared through the Office of the Vice-President of Student Services.

New clubs and organizations are required to petition the Director of Student Life for official recognition. The Director’s office will also provide assistance in the formation of clubs and organizations to meet student needs and interests.

American Red Cross Disaster Action Team

ARC DAT participates as a student chapter with the Texoma Chapter by participating in community events and taking part in training and rotation for the Disaster Action Team.

Baptist Student Ministry

BSM is a religious organization dedicated to providing students an opportunity for a maturing Christian experience. Students of all denominations are welcome to join.

Cosmetology Student Association

CSA creates a link between the students of the Cosmetology Department and other student organizations and the rest of the campus community through participation in a wide variety of student activities and fund raisers ranging from truck bashings and garage sales to the Mardi Gras Parade and Haunted House.

Drama Club

The drama club is available to all NCTC students who are interested in drama and want to learn more about the theatre.

Esthetician Student Association

ESA creates a link between the students of the Esthetician program and other student organizations and the campus community. ESA works to better serve the students through education outside the classroom and the financial support of the ESA program.


Membership in this non-denominational Christian student organization is open to persons of all faiths.

Gainesville Program Council

GPC’s primary purpose is to provide events and programs on the Gainesville campus to get the student body involved. GPC hosts comedians, hypnotists, dances, cookouts, bands, and all other types of entertainment for the Gainesville Campus.

History Club

Students interested in history are encouraged to join this club that plans lectures, events, and trips.

Horticulture Society of North Central Texas College

This organization focuses on horticulture education while promoting the NCTC Horticulture Program and its students. The society participates in horticulture programs and activities such as the annual plant sale and field trips as well as campus beautification projects. The society also pursues opportunities to partner with Master Gardener and local interest groups within the NCTC service area. This organization is open to any student, supporter of the Horticulture Program, or community member.

Lambda Epsilon Chi

This club’s purpose is to develop a better understanding in the criminal justice field and to improve skills in handling fire arms. Members of this organization seek to enhance the image of law enforcement.

National Society of Leadership & Success

This society is created for NCTC students to gain skills through participation in national lectures by leading professionals, Success Networking Team meetings, and a Leadership Training Day. The society is available for all students to attend while students seeking National Membership must pay National dues as well as complete 7 requirements prior to gaining membership.

Martial Arts Club

This club is for students interested in martial arts and all levels are welcome to join.

Outdoor Adventure

Created in Fall 2003, this rapidly growing organization promotes awareness of the outdoors and teaches both students and college employees of all skill levels useful outdoor skills. Activities include camping, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing and other fun, healthful pursuits. Membership is open to all persons who love the outdoors.

Phi Theta Kappa Society

The world’s oldest, largest and most prestigious association of community college honor students, recognizes and promotes academic excellence on 1,200 community college campuses around the world. The Psi Iota Chapter was chartered on the North Central Texas College campus in 1972. More than $36 million in transfer scholarships have been designated by 600 colleges and universities for Phi Theta Kappa members only. Membership requirements include a GPA of 3.5 or higher, a total of at least 12 transferable credit hours from NCTC, and currently enrolled for at least 6 credit hours.

Residence Hall Association

RHA is the voice for the residents in the halls. RHA will plan programs and activities for the residents. RHA is the organization that every residence hall student automatically belongs to and the objective of RHA is to be a social and community service organization. RHA has 4 elected officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer), 2 advisors, and a number of committee chairs (Activity, Advertising, School Spirit, Community Service, etc.). RHA holds monthly general assembles, weekly officers meetings, and hosts monthly social events for the members.

Roarin’ Rowdy

This “rowdy” group is the official spirit organization of the College. Members of Roarin’ Rowdy attend all home games (and many away games, too) of the Lions and Lady Lions athletic teams to cheer them to victory. When you see Leonard, the Lion mascot, you know that the Roarin’ Rowdies are on the prowl. Participation in this fun organization is open to all interested students.

Student Government Association (SGA)

Members of this officially recognized representative body are elected by fellow students to communicate the interests and concerns of the student body to the Board of Regents, administration and faculty. SGA makes recommendations regarding student interests and policies to the administration. In addition, SGA helps develop campus programming designed to enhance the learning environment through social and cultural activities. By serving as an officer or senator in SGA, students have opportunities to develop and refine leadership and governance skills. Each officially recognized student organization elects a senator to serve and represent the interests of that organization.

Student Nursing Association

The NCTC Student Nursing Association is a constituent of the National and Texas Nursing Student Association. The group acts as a liaison between faculty and students, aids in community health affairs, participates in legislative activities concerning health issues, and appoints delegates to the state convention each year.

United Students

US is an organization that focuses on educating the students and employees at NCTC on various cultural issues.

Student Organizations at NCTC are easy to start. The four requirements of having a registered organization at NCTC are: 1) 7 student members; 2) 1 full-time or part-time employee to be the advisor with supervisor approval; 3) a constitution; and 4) a student organization registration form. For more information about starting a club at NCTC, contact the Office of Student Life at (940) 668-3330.