Catalog 2014-2015


Attendance Regulations

The NCTC attendance policy is published in each course syllabi. NCTC faculty are expected to keep up to date attendance records. However, general regulations regarding class attendance are as follows*:

  1. Regular and punctual attendance is expected of all students in all classes for which they have registered.
  2. All absences are considered to be unauthorized unless the student is absent due to sickness or emergencies which are approved by the instructor, or due to participation in an approved college-sponsored activity (which requires written approval from the appropriate instructional Dean).
  3. The instructor is responsible for judging the validity of any reasons given for absence. Valid reasons for absence, however, do not relieve the student of the responsibility for making up required work.
  4. Students will not be allowed to make up an examination missed due to absence unless they have reasons acceptable to the instructor. A student who is compelled to be absent when a test is given should petition the instructor, in advance if possible, for permission to postpone the exam.
  5. Students may be dropped from a class by the Registrar upon recommendation of the instructor who feels the student has been unjustifiably absent or tardy a sufficient number of times to preclude meeting the course’s objectives.
  6. Persistent, unjustified absences from classes or laboratories may be considered sufficient cause for College officials to drop a student from the rolls of the College.
  7. Students will be dropped from a developmental course required for the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) purposes for non-attendance. Official NCTC TSI rules state that students not passing all sections of the THEA, Compass, or new statewide TSI Assessment test MUST be enrolled in at least one area of remediation each semester they are enrolled or until all sections are passed or all remedial requirements have been met. Students who are dropped for non-attendance in a required developmental course will be dropped from all remaining courses for that semester.
  8. Simply logging into an online course does not constitute attendance. The Department of Education calculates "last date of attendance" by the last time a student participated in an online discussion or made contact (interacted) with a faculty member.