Catalog 2014-2015


Transfer of Courses to Senior Colleges

The hours earned at North Central Texas College in academic courses are generally accepted by other accredited colleges and universities to (1) satisfy specific course requirements or (2) count as electives. Students who have gained proficiency through completion of course work from non-accredited institutions should consult the Vice President of Instruction regarding credit by examination or individual course evaluation.

Students planning to transfer to a four-year school should be aware that each senior college determines its own list of courses required for a particular kind of degree. Moreover, different colleges do not require all the same courses for degree. Therefore, knowledge of the degree plan requirements at the institution to which the student plans to transfer is very important.

The resource to consult in seeking this information is the official catalog of the institution, and students planning to transfer should plan their work at NCTC to coincide as closely as possible with the requirements for obtaining a degree at the senior college of their choice. The NCTC Counseling and Testing Center maintains a library of senior college catalogs and makes them available to interested students, and College counselors and advisors are familiar with course requirements at senior colleges and will be glad to assist students in determining course equivalency and in choosing those courses which are appropriate to their educational objectives after they transfer.