Catalog 2014-2015


Student Health Services

Because such a large number of North Central Texas College students commute, no student health service such as an infirmary is currently available on any campus. However, each campus is only minutes away from a variety of health care facilities in the communities served by NCTC. Students who live on campus are urged to secure the services of a local physician to see in case of emergency. Also, students living in the Residence Hall are urged to inform the Residence Hall Manager and the Office of the Vice-President of Student Services of any medical conditions such as diabetes, seizure disorder, etc., so that appropriate steps may be taken in case of an emergency. Moreover, such students are urged to inform these persons of any family physician or family member who should be contacted in emergency situations.

Important Note on Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination: During the 2011 Texas Legislative session, Senate Bill 1107 (SB 1107) was passed and signed into law. Effective with enrollment after January 1, 2012, SB 1107 requires students, with certain exceptions, to provide proof of meningitis vaccination. During the 2013 Texas Legislative session, Senate Bill 62 (SB 62) was passed. Please check the NCTC website for additional information.